Top 6 Friendship Goals

I am learning that we must be intentional to connect with others. Life is about loving on others and creating memories. It’s about having fun and getting out of our comfort zone. 

Find safe friends that allow you to express your fears, dreams, and life’s challenges. Friends that you can laugh with.

I love friends that can challenge me and cheer me on. I also love friends that can just listen to me. 
My life changed when I started to build my circle of friends. It wasn’t easy at first bc I was insecure, introverted and I had trust issues. So what changed? Well I started to have child like faith and allowed myself to trust again. 

Life got more colorful when I did.
Life is truly better together. 

So my top 6 friendship goals 

1. Be intentional have a play date. 

2. Have child like faith trust again . 

3. Have some fun get out of your comfort zone. 

4. Call/ Connect with a friend often to build a meaningful relationship. 

5. Have different kind of friends (cheerleaders, listeners, dream defenders, and can’t forget you always need one that tells it like it is).

6. Know that any relationship takes work 😊nobody is perfect!  
P.S I know I’m not 😉  

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