Reyna Elizabeth Morris | Creator of SHE THRIVES

At She Thrives we love to create beautiful and meaningful things. We are dreamers, doers, creators, wives, moms and entrepreneurs. Our founder, Reyna used to struggle with accepting her God-given gifts. It took a while and some personal work for her to be confident in her purpose. This awakened in her the need to build a community where she can encourage others to be all they were created to be. She sees beauty, purpose and strength in everyone she meets.

Because encouraging others is part of our DNA, we have created a place where you can shop products that will motivate you to live an inspiring life. We also host creative & empowering workshops through out the year and a gathering called “She Thrives” where creatives can come together to build community, encourage each other, dream bigger and to create meaningful things. We give 10% of the profits made from sales and offerings of special events to causes we are passionate about globally and in our neighborhoods.  Remainder of all proceeds goes to support future events and projects.  To stay connected and in the know of our following events follow us on Social media.  

IG: Shethrivesorg   


SHE Thrives 2017 from simplychrisryan on Vimeo.