Because encouraging others is part of our DNA, we host workshops and a gathering called “She Thrives” where creatives can come together to build community, to encourage each other to dream bigger and to create meaningful things. We give 10% of the profits made from sales and offerings of special events to causes we are passionate about globally and in our neighborhoods. Remainder of all proceeds goes to support future events and projects. Help us to support, and inspire creatives all around our community.


I have chosen the Texas Diaper Bank they help supply those affected by natural disasters in Texas with diapers. As a mama I know how expensive and necessary diapers are. Not only do they donate to the babies but to the elderly that are in need of diapers. So I would like to reach out to you today to be part of this historic disaster and donate to the Texas Diaper Bank. You can either go straight to their website and donate. Or you can donate on my donate button and I will do the buying through Amazon prime.  Once I receive all the funds it will automatically send all goods directly to them. I look forward to partnering with you to make a difference in this world. It is a time as this that we are needed to make a difference.