Meet Chance Cessna, she is a world changer through her craft…

Chance was born and raised in Chicago, IL, Chance developed a passion for sewing at the tender age of 14. After making her high school prom dress, Chance took a seven year break from sewing. On the morning of September 22, 2015, Chance’s passion for sewing was reignited. She has now found a new joy in the simplicity of creating fresh, innovative and handcrafted home decor. All designs are original and custom made to order by Chance Cessna herself. A percentage of all proceeds go to various charities around the world.
I had the honor to interview her and ask her a few personal questions, read below.
Five words to describe you?
Spontaneous, risk-taker, social butterfly, courageous, fearless.
What brings you alive?
Being able to share the artistic talents and gifts God have me with the world. Also, being able to make people smile and bring joy, warmth, light and love into their lives makes me feel alive.
What drives you as an artist? 
Human behavior and why people do what they do.
What is the purpose behind your designs?
To bring hope and inspiration into people’s homes through pillows.
When did this idea come to alive?
In November 2015 I launched my store. I was nervous and afraid yet ready to take the leap of faith.
Visit her shop at
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