It’s time to RISE – Donate to Texas Diaper Bank By: Reyna Elizabeth Morris

Looking at all that is happened in Texas with storm Harvey is stirring me up on the inside. How can I sit here and not do a thing about it? Some of us are feeling that tug in our hearts today but feel paralyzed.  You may be asking how can I help? Know that God has given us all gifts. Houston needs those with a servant heart. They need people that are generous. If you’re a social worker they need you. If you’re a builder they need you. If you can speak life into people’s circumstances they need you. If you’re alive and breathing they need you. We can ALL help. Get creative there are many ways to help. Take time to pray. Ask God, “ How can I help Lord, send me!”


To the chosen ones it’s time to rise and take action!

Will you rise and take ACTION today?  


Texas is originally my home state but that’s not the only reason I want to step up and help. I want to help because we are ONE.

Like our president quoted “ We are one nation. When one hurts, we all hurt. We must all work together-to lift each other up.”


So it’s time to RISE.


There is a site were you can look at all the NEEDS and then pick the one you like to contribute to. Whether it’s your time, money, or talent. This is the time to choose love!

I have chosen the Texas Diaper Bank they help supply those affected by natural disasters in Texas with diapers. As a mama I know how expensive and necessary diapers are. Not only do they donate to the babies but to the elderly that are in need of diapers. So I would like to reach out to you today to be part of this historic disaster and donate to the Texas Diaper Bank. You can either go straight to their website and donate. Or you can donate on my donate button and I will do the buying through Amazon prime.  Once I receive all the funds it will automatically send all goods directly to them.


I look forward to partnering with you to make a difference in this world. It is a time as this that we are needed by God to make a difference! Click below to check out their wishlist. You can also read about the Texas Diaper Bank for more information and ways you can help.



Harvey Disaster Relief

Be Loved.

Reyna Elizabeth Morris 

IG: Reynaelizabethmorris

IG: ShetrivesLa





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