Reyna Elizabeth Boutique donated 20% of their sales from the She Shift Culture Conference on March 12th 2016 to JusticeSpeaks.Org

From me to you, thank you to all of you that supported our business, know that by purchasing at our boutique you are a world changer!


  • They’ve given away over 1,500 gift bags to women working in the sex industry in Los Angeles.
  • They advocate on behalf of trafficking victims in a variety of settings, including at the United Nations.
  • They host “Kalah,” an annual justice conference to educate, advocate, and stand against human trafficking.
  • Since 2012, they have led prevention camps in rural regions of Thailand, reaching nearly 1,000 at-risk children.
  • Since 2013, their children’s center in Thailand has provided services to over 50 at-risk children.


If you like to learn more about this organization or get involved check out

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